Child & Spousal Support Attorney in Fairfax, VA

Child and Spousal Support

The divorce process is always complicated, but it becomes even more difficult when children are thrown into the mix. In addition to determining custody and visitation rights, divorcing parents must also decide how they will provide for their children in the future. The maintenance of a comfortable life for these minors may necessitate regular child support payments.

When determining whether child support is necessary — and how much the spouse required to provide child support needs to pay — it is important to have a trustworthy child support attorney on hand. This legal representative can provide excellent feedback for both individuals charged with paying child support and parents receiving these payments. The Vadas Law Firm of Woodbridge, VA is dedicated to ensuring that a fair decision is made in every spousal and child support case.

Vadas Law Firm: Providing Excellent Representation In Child And Spousal Support Cases
Determining the appropriate level of child support payments can be difficult, as a variety of factors must be considered. These include the financial status of both spouses, the agreed upon custody and visitation rights of the parents and any special needs exhibited by the child. A child support attorney such as Elaine Vadas can sort through these considerations and help spouses arrive at an arrangement that will benefit children.
Choosing The Ideal Arlington Spousal Support Lawyer

The ideal spousal support lawyer will be able to cooperate with multiple parties, ensuring that all child and spousal support decisions are fair. However, this legal advocate will also, when necessary, fight tirelessly for the rights of her client. If you require the assistance of a sympathetic and passionate child support attorney, do not hesitate to get in touch with the Vadas Law Firm.