Custody & Visitation Issues Attorney in Woodbridge, VA

Custody and Visitation Attorney

The most litigated issue in the arena of family law, child custody is an incredibly contentious process, with disagreements about childcare and visitation often pulling the most cooperative of divorcing spouses apart. At the Vadas Law Firm of Woodbridge, VA, the goal in all child custody cases is to help spouses come to an agreement that will most benefit their children, while also making it possible for these divorcing individuals to maintain a harmonious relationship.

How A Woodbridge Custody Attorney Can Help Parents Arrive At A Fair Decision
The ideal custody attorney is capable of helping parents arrive together at an excellent custody arrangement. However, custody attorneys should also recognize when a cooperative effort is not possible — or not advisable. In such cases, an attorney such as Elaine Vadas of the Vadas Law Firm can provide proactive representation, thereby ensuring that any custody decision benefits the children at the center of the case.

Determining Visitation Rights With A Woodbridge Visitation Issues Lawyer
In addition to helping craft a fair visitation agreement, a visitation issues lawyer may also be called upon to provide representation when noncustodial parents are barred from spending the agreed upon amount of time with their children. No matter the nature of your visitation issues, you can count on the Vadas Law Firm for excellent representation.